Window Garden

Window Garden



Brighten up your living space and let the light in with this fun project.


  • Small plastic tray or container
  • Baby oil
  • Scissors
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towels or smooth rag (to blot, and for any spills)
  • Construction paper (in various colors)
  • Glue (glue stick, or liquid glue)
  • Double sided tape (to adhere to the window when completed)

You can start by choosing the colors to use to make your flower from construction paper. Sometimes it is best to precut the construction paper ahead of time.  Once the shapes of the petals, stem, and center are all cut lay them out on a flat surface.  From here you can glue the petals, stem, and center together. Next, pour the baby oil in a container. You will be painting with the baby oil, and the cotton swabs will act as your paintbrush. If you do not have a tray you may carefully put some baby oil onto the cotton swab directly. With construction paper scraps you can test the method and application of the baby oil. After dipping the cotton swabs into the tray or container that holds the baby oil start to paint a design onto the construction paper! A little baby oil goes a long way. Where you paint, will create more transparency for the sun to shine through. Notice the calming smell as you paint. Once you feel that you are happy with your creation allow some time for it to dry by placing the flower(s) on top of  some paper towels in a safe location.  After your flower has had some time to dry you can place some double sided tape on it to prepare to mount it to the window. Now you can choose a window for your garden to grow!